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Randall House and D6 Family operate as a religious 501-c3 nonprofit organization. Please know that everything invested goes to support our mission of “building believers through church and home.” Our passionate statement comes from the foundational principles of Deuteronomy 6:4-7. Our mission shows both evangelism and discipleship in “building believers” accomplished through the two God-ordained institutions, the Church and Family. The church provides the necessary grounding of both theology and community. The home instills values, worldview, and legacy.

We serve the Body of Christ as a resource provider. People experience most of our efforts through the D6 Curriculum, published books, and conferences. Because we serve, we often give away resources to support church planters, military chaplains, and to promote family ministry worldwide. Our ability to continue our mission occurs when people like you share our values and support us in prayer, purchasing curriculum, and donations. The purchase of our curriculum provides nearly 70% of our revenue. We ask that your church support us by purchasing our curriculum used at church and home. Doing so helps your families become stronger, and as a result, your church becomes healthier.

Some extraordinary people want to go above and beyond purchasing curriculum. If you love God-moments that make the impossible possible, we could use your financial support in a one-time special gift or monthly support. Your gift qualifies as a tax-deductible contribution, and you will have the option to receive a donation receipt or to give anonymously. On behalf of our team, churches, and ministries we support around the world, “Thank you!”

Ron Hunter Jr., Ph.D.
Executive Director & CEO